Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cable

Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cable are good to use for fiber to the home last mile solution, we provide FTTH drop cable with different counts from 1, 2, 4, to 12. This cable adopts the popular design in the industry, its structure and performance is optimized for FTTH applications.

The Huihong Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cables are small diameter and light weight, this makes it space-saving and easy to handle, the optical fiber cable is with special structure so it is easy to pull the fibers out from the cables, the Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cables are ideal to use for direct installation into the houses, suitable for being used in homes and offices. Although the FTTH drop cables are good quality and with popular design, we are offering them at very good prices, you will save a lot by using such cables from our company.

Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cable Descriptions

The Self-supporting FTTH Drop Cable fiber unit is positioned in the center. Two parallel fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) are built at the two sides.  Then the cable is completed with a black or other color LZSH sheath and with Figure 8 structure.

  • Bend insensitive fiber provides high bandwidth and good communication transmission property;
  • 2 parallel FRP strengthen members protecting the fibers ensure good performance on cable bending;
  • Simple structure, light weight and high practicability;
  • New flute design, easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and maintenance procedure;
  • Environment friendly – Low smoke, zero halogen and flame-retardant sheath.

With the continuous demand of higher bandwidth, copper cables are reaching their limit to do the job. FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks are expected to replace the copper networks more and more. The bend-insensitive cable is less attenuation compared with traditional fiber cables and this will make the installation and maintenance of the fiber optic cables more efficient. In FTTH networks, people require the fiber optic cables to be bend-insensitive, so that it is easier to deploy in the house, such as at the angled points inside the rooms along the walls.Another benefit we can get from bending insensitive fiber cables is they are space saving, this is also the trend of future fiber optic network – smaller, denser and more efficient. Many companies are able to provide the bend insensitive fiber optic cables before the official standard ITU-T-G657 was made.

The bending insensitive single mode fiber cable is with two attractive features: low intrinsic attenuation and excellent low macro-bending sensitivity. They offer high resistance to additional losses due to low macro-bending induced loss in the long wavelength region. This bend insensitive fiber patch cord allow for easy installation without excessive care when storing the fiber in splicing cassette. The bend insensitive patch cord support installation with small cable bending radius and compact organizers.The bend insensitive fiber optic patch cord are compliant to ITU-T G657 standards.