Cisco QSFP-40G-SR4 Compatible 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ 850nm 150m MTP/MPO DOM Transceiver Module.The qsfp-40g-sr4 is designed for 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40gbe) applications on multimode fiber. It complies with the qsfp-msa and ieee 802.3ba 40gbase-sr4 specifications. The qsfp-sr4 transceiver integrates four data channels in each direction with each channel to provide a total of 40 gbps of bandwidth. Each lane supports a link length of 100 meters on the OM3 multimode fiber and a link length of 150 meters on the OM4 multimode fiber. The optical transmitter consists of a 4-channel 850nm VCSEL laser, a 4-channel input buffer and laser driver, control and bias blocks. The optical receiver consists of a 4-channel pin photodiode, a 4-channel tia array, a 4-channel output buffer and a control block.

Qsfp-40g-sr4-csc QSFP plus transceivers are programmed and tested to be compatible with Cisco data center switches, routers, network cards, and other optical transmission devices for 40g Ethernet and high-performance computing networks. In many ways, it is an ideal alternative to the Cisco qsfp-40g-sr4 QSFP-light module. Providecompatible 40G QSFP-optical solutions for system integrators, distributors, and end users in your data center network infrastructure.

High channel capacity: 40 Gbps per transceiver
Up to 10.3Gbps per channel transfer data
Up to 100m link on OM3 MMF or up to 150m link on OM4 MMF
High reliability 4-channel 850nm VCSEL laser
Electric heat plug-in
Compliant with QSFP and msa
Conforms to ieee 802.3ba 40gbase-sr4
MPO optical connector
Operating temperature range: 0 to 70 degrees Celsius
Power consumption 1.5W
Support for DDM functions – RoHS6 compliant

Cisco Compatible QSFP-40G-SR4 Vendor Name Huihongfiber
Form Type QSFP+ Max Data Rate 41.25Gbps
Wavelength 850nm Max Cable Distance* 150m @ OM4 MMF**
Connector MTP/MPO Transimitter Type VCSEL 850nm
Cable Type MMF DDM/DOM Support Yes
CDR Supported Protocols 40G Ethernet, Infiniband QDR, SATA/SAS3, IEEE 802.3ba, MSA Compliant
TX Power -7.6~2.4dBm Receiver Sensitivity <-12dBm