Nokia NSN LC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks) fiber optic patch cable is a type of base station fiber optic cable, suitable for ordinary outdoor environment, often used in the roof of the tower, communication base station equipment port waterproof docking. The outer skin is low smoke-free, fire-resistant and waterproof to mice. There are ten sets of imported anti-pull aramids in the core.

Line softness is good, affected by the wiring space small, easy to put. The use of high-strength fatigue-resistant fiber to ensure the reliability and longevity of cables in a variety of harsh conditions of use. NSN fiber patch cord is with special coating layer and secondary composite structure, can absorb mechanical and environmental stress, fiber optic cable additional loss is small.

Items units spefications
Attenuation dB/km 1310nm≤0.4


Decentralization Ps/ 1285~1330nm≤3.5


Zero dispersion wavelength Nm 1300~1324
Zero dispersion slope Ps/ ≤0.095
Fiber cut off wavelength Nm ≤1260
Diameter Um 9.2±0.5
Concentric Um <=0.8
Cladding diameter um 125±1.0
Cladding non-circularity % ≤1.0
Coating/cladding concentricity error Um ≤12.5
Coating diameter um 245±10
 Induced attenuation 1550nm,  1turns,32mm diameter  100rums,60mm diameter ≤0.5 db
Item Parameter
Type Dual LC/UPC
Insertion loss <=0.3db
Return loss >=50db
Fiber type Multi-mode,50/125
Working wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm
Testing wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm
Repeatability <=0.1
Interconvertibility <=0.2dB
Exchangeability <=0.2dB
Cable length 1M 2M ……..
Tolerance 10cm
Working temperature -40C ~ +85C
Storage temp -40C ~ +85C

The small-cut fiber SZ stranding and aramid reinforced fiber single helix stranding, to ensure that the pull-far fiber cable has a large stretch strain window. Extremely high strength and light weight, strong weight ratio, round sheath compact, especially suitable for repeated storage.

NSN FTTA fiber optic cables are flame retardant high-strength, high-toughness polyurethane (PU) elastic body sheath, high oxygen index, good flame retardant, oil and chemical corrosion resistance, tear resistance, low gentle toughness good, strong elasticity, good stress buffer, wear-resistant pressure-resistant sheath. Tight sleeve cover color according to THE TIA-598-A standard chromatography, easy to cable distribution and end connection.