Loose Tube FTTH Drop Cable

This FTTH drop cable features its loose tube structure and FRP strengthen members, the loose tube FTTH drop cable is available from 1 fiber to 12 fibers, suitable for outdoor installation. Optical fibers of the cable are put into a loose tube with filled water-resistant compound, there are 2 FRP strengthen member ensure the tension strength performance, FRP and the non-metal central loose tube is anti- electromagnet. Cable jacket is LSZH material, with optional white or black colors.

Loose Tube FTTH Drop Cable Features

  • Loose tube protecting optical fibers from outside environment
  • FRP and non-metal materials are anti- electromagnetic
  • LSZH jacket, flame retardant and environmental friendly
  • High Tension Resistant, suitable for direct installation indoor/outdoors
  • FTTH indoor/outdoor deployment
  • Trunk power transmission system
  • Access network/ Local network with electromagnetic environment
Cable Name Loose Tube FTTH Drop Cable Fiber Core Numbers 1 to 12
Structure Butterfly Flat Optical Fiber Single mode G.657A
Cable Jacket Material LSZH (Black/White) Strength Member Material Non-Metal
Outer Diameter (2.0±0.2)×(3.0±0.2)mm Cable Weight 10kg/km