FTTH Mechanical Splice

Fiber mechanical splice is important and really convenient to use in FTTx, it can be used in field without the need of fusion splicing, mechanical splice units are easy to operate and low cost. Fiber optic mechanical splice unit is used to fast connect the two pieces of bare fiber, it can be two bare optical fiber stripped out from optical cables, it can also connect two fiber optic pigtails, or connect one pigtail to bare optical fiber.

When using the fiber optic mechanical splice, two cleaved optical fiber ends are mechanically aligned to each other by a special housing (V groove), index matching gel is positioned between the fiberglass ends to maximize coupling and minimize back reflection.

FTTH Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicer Features

  • Based on Huihongtech box-building crimping technology.
  • Precision metallic alloy components with co-axial self centering, excellent and durable optical property.
  • Axially firm fitting of optical fibers, reducing any performance degradation due to loss in the matching gel.
  • Uninterrupted fitting and connecting technology, hence signals are free of impact from external force, naked fiber, tight buffer and cable, etc. meet the environmental requirements from the terminals customer.
  • Integrated protection of the casing to withstand harsh outdoor environment.
  • High success rate and easiness in installation with average splicing time of 150 sec;
  • For FTTH fiber splicing and for repairing any damaged lines to realize firm and reliable splicing of fibers.