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These IP-LC ODVA-compliant connectors are ideal for applications in harsh environments such as WiMax, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and remote radio heads connected using fiber-to-antenna (FTTA), which requires robust connectors and cable assemblies for outdoor use. SMF and MMF cables are available.

ODC fiber optic cables are tailored to the new generation of fiber-optic pull-far wireless base stations (WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/WiMAX/GSM) to meet the needs of FTTA (fiber-to-tower) solutions, suitable for outdoor environments, and withstand harsh environmental conditions and harsh climatic conditions.

Fullaxs cable is compatible with a wide range of sfp transceivers on the market, allowing end users to select transceivers that meet their specific system requirements. The water-resistant cable for WiMAX and lte ftta applications are plugged directly into the transceiver through a plug-in connection to establish a connection.

NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks) fiber optic patch cable is a type of base station fiber optic cable, suitable for ordinary outdoor environment, often used in the roof of the tower, communication base station equipment port waterproof docking. The outer skin is low smoke-free, fire-resistant and waterproof to mice. There are ten sets of imported anti-pull aramids in the core.

PDLC cables are widely used in Huawei/ZTE projects, it is a popular FTTA cable. Our FTTA base station fiber jumper, very good to meet the needs of the market, for mobile base station speed up, universal coverage provides a large number of dedicated passive wire. In the mobile communication base station cabling, in the past RRU end  and BBU used as the main connection cable.

Both ends in the form of break out structure, plus LC/SC/FC/ST fiber optic connectors, some applications, the two branches of the head part, using bellows or nylon mesh pull ring form to protect and strengthen. FTTA outdoor base station pull far traction, RRU to BBU port interconnection, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and distributed base stations, power communication systems, etc.