Butterfly Indoor FTTH Drop Cable

Butterfly FTTH drop cable is a popular type of fiber access optical cable, according to the different application environment and laying conditions, it has reasonable design of cable structure and technical parameters.

Butterfly FTTH drop cable incorporates the indoor soft cable and the self-supporting cable characteristics. The FTTH drop cable is ideal to use in the FTTx network, such as for intelligent building, digital community, campus network, LAN. Usually this cable is made white or black colors. it has flame-retardant LSZH jacket and bend insensitive optical fiber.

Butterfly Indoor FTTH Drop Cable Descriptions

Butterfly FTTH indoor cables are used inside buildings or houses; it connects to the FTTH user end equipment. Along with the fast development of the fiber optic networks and broadband LANs, FTTH indoor cables are more and more used to meet the requirement for optical fiber to be deployed to the homes and houses. By using the FTTH solutions, video, audio and data signals could all be transmitted via optical fiber, thus the FTTH indoor cables demand is growing.

Indoor use Butterfly FTTH cables have the same function of the common indoor fiber cables, but it does have some special features. FTTH indoor cables are small diameter, water-resistant, soft and bendable, easy to deploy and maintenance. Special indoor FTTH cables will also meet the requirement of thunder-proof, anti-rodent or waterproof.

Huihong Technologies has long history providing the FTTH cables for indoor use; the fiber count typically is 1, 2 till 12 optical fiber strands. Our Butterfly FTTH cables are all LSZH types and flame retardant, they meet the RoHS standards and with super optical performance. We provide a series of FTTH solution products include the FTTH termination boxes, FTTH fiber cables, FTTH optical fiber connectors, FTTH fiber faceplates, tools and equipment. Welcome to contact us for your FTTH products’ needs.

  • The optical cable has the characteristics of small diameter, light weight, low cost, good softness and bending property.
  • Light weight and easy to lay, construction cost is low, deployment is fast, flexible and quickly.
  • Lightning resistant and suitable for strong electric environment;
  • Optical fiber cable has a very high pressure and tension, the self-supporting structure can meet the 50 meters span.
  • The use of halogen-free flame-retardant materials to achieve the optical cable in the room to the fire-retardant performance requirements.

With the continuous demand of higher bandwidth, copper cables are reaching their limit to do the job. FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks are expected to replace the copper networks more and more. The bend-insensitive cable is less attenuation compared with traditional fiber cables and this will make the installation and maintenance of the fiber optic cables more efficient. In FTTH networks, people require the fiber optic cables to be bend-insensitive, so that it is easier to deploy in the house, such as at the angled points inside the rooms along the walls.Another benefit we can get from bending insensitive fiber cables is they are space saving, this is also the trend of future fiber optic network – smaller, denser and more efficient. Many companies are able to provide the bend insensitive fiber optic cables before the official standard ITU-T-G657 was made.

The bending insensitive single mode fiber cable is with two attractive features: low intrinsic attenuation and excellent low macro-bending sensitivity. They offer high resistance to additional losses due to low macro-bending induced loss in the long wavelength region. This bend insensitive fiber patch cord allow for easy installation without excessive care when storing the fiber in splicing cassette. The bend insensitive patch cord support installation with small cable bending radius and compact organizers.The bend insensitive fiber optic patch cord are compliant to ITU-T G657 standards.