Armored LC Fiber Cables

An armored fiber jumper is a fiber-optic jumper with a spiral stainless-steel strap on the core and surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn and metal braided mesh sheath. It is stronger than a regular fiber-optic jumper, does not require protective sleeves, can be used in harsh environments, effectively reduce construction costs, while routine maintenance is also simple and convenient.

Compared with standard fiber optic cables, the built-in metal armored fiber optic cable is more protective of fiber optics. Rugged armored cables allow fibers to be installed in the most dangerous areas, including dust, oil, gas, moisture-excessive environments, and even rodent damage.


Connector Type LC to LC Polish Type UPC to UPC
Fiber Mode OS2,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4,OM5 Fiber Count Duplex
Fiber Grade SMF, MMF Minimum Bend Radius (mm) 30D (Dynamic/Static)
Cable Diameter 3.0mm Cable Jacket PVC
Cable Color Blue Fiber Cords Structure Single Armored, Stainless Steel Tube
Tensile Loads (Long Term) 400 N Tensile Loads (Short Term) 600 N
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB Return Loss ≥50dB
Operating Temperature -40~75°C Storage Temperature -45~85°C

Armored fiber-optic jumpers have the characteristics of high-resistance, pressure resistance, bend-resistant, fire-resistant and anti-rat bites, and are mainly used in residential areas, outdoor places and the internal transmission of engine rooms.
Structure of armored fiber jumpers
Tiny-caliber stainless steel hoses act as a protective layer closest to the fiber and protect against mechanical damage.Fiber jumper contains imported Kevlar fiber, Kevlar fiber has permanent heat and flame-retardant resistance, permanent anti-static, acid-resistant alkaline, high strength and high wear resistance.

High-strength PVC as a surface material, can flame retardant, chemical resistance, tear resistance but also increased the softness and elasticity of armored fiber jumpers.
Advantages of armored fiber jumpers
Micro-caliber stainless steel spiral hose protection, high anti-pull, anti-rat bite.
The operating temperature of -45 to 85 degrees C can be used in most parts of the world.
More tenacious, the construction of the armored fiber jumper damage is very small, more convenient during construction.
Easy to install, can be used in harsh environment.
Durable, can reduce the cost of future maintenance.
Prevent damage caused by improper bending.

The armored fiber jumper not only retains all the advantages of the standard fiber jumper, but also uses a structural design for harsh environments. It is highly adaptable, high pressure resistance and low cost, so it is favored.